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Steel Bees . designs, manufactures and sells its own authentic professional beekeeping and agricultural equipment all around the globe, wholesale or retail, through Steel Bees original site. Committed to its premier cause, to serve all areas of professional beekeeping, no matter how demanding those might be, Steel Bees has evolved into one of the leading names in the beekeeping and agricultural world.

The long experience and knowledge of Steel Bees experts, gained in both design and manufacture, their dedication to perfection combined with absolute utility and the fact that all Steel Bees products are put to constant test on the most extreme conditions, can only result to supreme quality for which Steel Bees can definitely pride. Steel Bees has created a whole new approach to beekeeping and agriculture and will continue to “indulge” beekeepers with innovative, highly durable and extremely practical products, after all this is its passion.  


Steel Bees U.S.A.
STEEL BEES professional beekeeping equipment
2141 Bingle Rd Houston
TX 77055 - USA
Wholesale and Retail


Steel Bees Greece
STEEL BEES professional beekeeping equipment
4 Kastorias str
104 41 Botanikos Athens
email: info@steelbees.com
Tel. +30 210 52 200 05
Wholesale and Retail

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