Hive frames wiring device SBWM-1005

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SBWM-1005 frame wiring machine

With the SBWM-1005 frame wiring machine you can strain through and stretch the wire in the frames easily and effectively without the need of additional tools! You can wire almost all frames available in the global market, like standard frames, Hoffman, half frames, 3/4, as well as deep dadant frames, using the SBWM1004 adaptor.  You can re-wire old and worn out frames equally with no crooks or damages, as it holds the frames in five independent and fully adjustable points. With self-adjusting wire cylinders the wire goes through easily without twists or distortions. Its durable metal body structure and its powder coated paint will ensure its long time resistance.

1 year warranty


-durable metal body structure, CNC manufactured

- shock absorb legs that with extra tool tray

-can be used on all types of frames, half and 3/4

-not damaging the wooden surface  

-not crooking the frames as it has five independent and fully adjustable holding points

-three self-adjusting wire cylinders for faster and easier wiring without distortions

-ergonomic and steady wire grip

-tool tray

-powder coated paint

-1 year warranty

Combined with extras

 -  SBWM 1006 electronic gear for waxing the frames, with time settings

-  SBWM 1002 simple gear for waxing the frames

-  SBWM 1004 adaptor for deeper frames, like dadant

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