SBKR 101 heavy duty Bee Hive cart

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SBKR – 101 bee hive cart

This heavy duty, multi-functional cart can be used in many different ways as much on and off road and on sloppy grounds. Its unique design makes its use and storage extremely easy while at the same time its reinforced structure ensures unfailing function. Use of the SBKR-101 cart is not bound to carry your beehives only, but any kind of gear or materials you wish, in a safe and relaxed way, by adding the available buckets of the SBKR-108, thus converting your truck to the absolute all carrying purposes tool. The combination of the SBKR-101 with the electric run system or the moving assist system (SBKR-104, SBKR-105) will allow you to carry the most extreme load through the most extreme terrene, without any constraint or sweat.


-Folded so as to occupy the least possible space after use and when stored

-Reinforced structure that guarantees durability and resistance no matter how heavy the load is or how harsh the ground

-Carries up to 114kg.of load even on rough grounds

-Powerful breaks ensure the safety of the user and of the load when moving on sloppy grounds, and are available on the standard rig 

-Provides the highest weight subdivision, 1:4,6 (!!!), compared to any other cart in the market

-It can carry different types and sizes of beehives with a simple adjustment (if using British standard beehives, you should adjust the SBKR-116 convert kit)

-Unique and innovative load-locking design that wards the risk of shifting or dropping whatever that is you carry, off,  no matter how bluff the ground inclination may be 

-Unique design that can lift beehives of 4+ floors, keeping at the same time the gravity center low to ward off unwanted leanings

-By a simple move you can upload the beehives without disturbing them from the ground, the cart fits right over them

-Unique load-centering system for equable weight distribution towards the user

-It does not wear the hives off or damage their paint, since all points of contact with the hives are made of non-slippery, high quality, high resistance elastic parts

-Pre designed substructure for quick mounting of electric run or moving assist systems, thus requiring absolutely no conversion

-Can be combined with the moving assist system (SBKR-104) for making way over balks and obstacles and easily accessing rough and sloppy grounds. It charges at home or at your car. (US customers should ask for 110V power supply).

-Can be combined with the electric run system for ongoing constant use (SBKR-105), that provides autonomy for about 30 klm of distance and makes carriage unconstraint even under the most demanding circumstances

-Multifunctional design that features a large variety of extras for alternative uses, other than carrying beehives

-Can be combined with carriage buckets for different types of loads, in two sizes

-Can be combined with the beehive feeding system (Steel Bees SBKR-106)

-High endurance in time with coated paint method

-1 Year Warranty and the possibility of 2 more years of expansion 

- made in EU

Manufactured by Steel Bees. Member of API Dynamic Group Int.




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