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SBKR-104 moving assist system for the SBKR-101 hive hand truck

The SBKR-101 heavy duty, multifunctional hand truck can be used in many different ways, as much as on and off road and on sloppy grounds. Combined with the SBKR-104 moving assist system it turns into a powerful tool that allows you to carry the most extreme load through the most extreme terrene, without any constraint or sweat. The SBKR-104 system can be mounted on the pre-designed substructure of the truck, thus requires absolutely no conversion. Using the SBKR-104 moving assist system you can make your way over balks and obstacles, such as rocks, stairs, ground holes, and easily access rough and sloppy grounds. Its waterproof motor ensures its operation on rainy days as well. The SBKR-104 system can be charged quickly and economically at home or your car. (US customers should ask for 110V power supply).

The SBKR-104 moving assist system is NOT recommended for continuous run. For such purpose we provide the SBKR-105 electric run system.

Made in EU.

Manufactured by Steel Bees. Member of API Dynamic Group Int.

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