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SBD-555 Folding carrier for beehives


With the SBD-555 folding hive carrier you can move your hives through the most extreme grounds or make any necessary transfer in a secure and easy manner. The greatest advantage is that, the carrier can get your beehives where the hive truck cannot follow, and that is why most beekeepers have both the carrier and the truck handy when relocating their hives.  

The SBD-555 provides unfailing and safe use. When moving the hives, there is absolutely no way for the carrier to split open or the hives to slide out, even when you are using it in far out ground inclinations, and with a 110kg load!!!!      

Folded after each use, the carrier occupies the least possible space when stored in your vehicle or storeroom.

Strong steel body structure with high quality and resistance elastic parts to all points of contact with the hives, so as to protect their wooden surface and paint. 


Maximum load of 110kg.


1 Year warranty coverage.


100% Made in EU


Manufactured by Steel Bees. Member of API Dynamic Group Int.

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