18 Frames Honey Extractor SBHE 1018 Heavy Duty

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The SBHE 1018 is a heavy duty Honey extractor for professional use, with automatic frame rotation. Its features are topped by its innovative design, the sturdy structure and the use of the independent G Type frame, which eliminates the reel’s quivering effect, providing 70% more steady operation compared to the conventional honey extracting machines. The SBHE 1018 has reinforced reels made by high precission laser machine without bending process,. Made by top quality and highly durable materials.   


Technical specifications of SBHE 1018 Heavy Duty


G type frame for optimum steadiness and smooth operation.

Reinforced food grade stainless steel reel cut with high precision Laser

Fits 18 deep frames 9 1/8  self return,

Smooth acceleration/deceleration controlled by inverter

SBHE 1100 controller with pre-installed programs for new, old or mixed types of frames with duration adjustment/options.

Easy to operate, English menu.

User friendly programming menu to serve individual needs

Τool-free detachable controller for repositioning or cleaning

Wall mount base for controller (sold separately)

Food grade 1.25mm stainless steel tank 1100mm Dia.

Three Stainless steel honey gates. 2 X 2” honey gates at front of tank plus one 1.5¨ valve at the bottom

Cone shape bottom for complete drain. 

Easy cleaning system without moving the machine as the 1.5” valve at bottom can be directly connected to the drainage system.

Protection of the reel with a system of emptying the honey at center of the tank. 

One-piece cover with an extra opening for easier frame placing

Lift assist at the cover

Light indicator at the cover (sold separately).

Can be assembled at your place by trained and qualified personnel (if door openings are not adequate).

The points of contact with the floor are coated for reduced vibrations.

Set bolds for permanent placing, available.

European manufactured electronic components

European manufactured industrial AC motor inverter (1hp 3-phase 0.75KW).

All mechanical components (motor, reel e.t.c.) are mounted on G type frame NOT ON THE TANK.

Worm gear motor (without belt).

Total width 1,15m.

Total length 1,5m

Total height 1,25m

Total weight 281kg

1-phase 230V power operation.

4m Power supply cable.

some of the above technical specifications may be different to your country. Ask your local STEEL BEES reseller for more information


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