Fire marker SBPR-101

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Electric Fire Marker SBPR-101

Technical Features:

High quality structure of stainless steel finished on CNC.

CNC carvings on massif titanium brass alloy with the biggest and deepest fonts of the market.

Equable heat allocation on all letters

Can be used as such on plastic hives

Stainless steel resistor long life and low energy consumption

Protective base holds for horizontal rest

Fully temperature insulated for protection of user while operating

Fully protected of electric currents

Custom made carvings of letters or words availability.

1 year warranty                

Further usage capabilities with additional authentic accessories

Can be converted into a bench or floor fire marker press with distance regulators for repeatable operation

SBPR 202 manual press.  SBPR 303 air press

Base hold SBPR 105

Structure materials

Body: Stainless steel 304 (for foods)

Letters: massif titanium brass alloy

Resistor: stainless steel LONG LIFE

Insulating: amianthus free 

Grip: steel and plastic fully insulated for heat and electric current

Available upon one (1) to 10 days from date of order

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